Stay cool and healthy this summer

The summer heat has unleashed its fury, making stepping outside rather challenging. Would it not be great if we could stay in the cool companionship of our ACs even on the go? Well, while that may not happen, there is still a super delicious way of staying cool even in summers.

Nature has blessed us with an array of fruits that can help us to stay cool naturally. Fruits hydrate your body, boost it with nutrients and give an amazing glow to your skin – something that is missed dearly in summers. So why gulp down fizzy drinks to quench your thirst? Replace your adulterated and aerated options with these fruit juices and turn down the heat, the right way!

sugarcane juice

1) Sugarcane Juice

There is nothing like a chilled glass of ganne ka ras on a hot afternoon. Sugarcane hydrates your body and quenches your thirst in a super juicy way. Not just this, sugarcane juice is rich in minerals and therefore, helps your body to recover most of the lost electrolytes. Chuck the evening chai and sip on some cold-pressed sugarcane juice to stay cool all through the summer.


2) Watermelon Juice

Enjoying a slice of watermelon is probably the best summer memory most of us have. You can never have enough of this deliciously juicy fruit. Containing almost 90% percent water, this fruit hydrates your exhausted body miraculously. It also offers an impressive blend of vitamins and minerals that ensure your wellbeing even in those heated up days.


3) Coconut Water

Well, coconut is not meant to be enjoyed just at a beach. Every drop of this elixir is loaded with minerals, dietary fibers, vitamins and even protein. With almost 50% water, it hydrates your body in a delicious way. The best part is that you no longer need to go to a vendor to get a sip of it. We bring to you for the first time, the goodness of coconut water packed in a bottle. So, enjoy your favourite nariyal pani anytime, anywhere.


4) Pineapple Juice

A gorgeous looking fruit with an equally amazing taste. Pineapple is loaded with vitamins especially Vitamin C that strengthens your immunity. What else? Well, it cures a sluggish metabolism, helps in losing weight, improves eye & bone health and is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. Worried about all the time that would go in peeling this mighty fruit? Well, we got you covered with our fresh cold-pressed pineapple juice. Good-bye peeling!

Isn’t this a super sweet way to beat the heat? Just gulp down these juicy treats and march out in the sun for a fun-filled summer.